Giraffe Walks

Giraffe Walks

Giraffes are not just majestic and graceful to watch, they serve a vital role in shaping ecosystems. It is no secret that they are the tallest of the living animals which allows them to reach into the canopy of trees for their preferred meal. They walk long distances feeding on seeds, flowers, leaves and fruits.

Giraffes are very curious animals, they would stop to investigate any intruder into their space.

Our guided game walk will be set in the spectacular Zingela Nature Reserve. Zingela is home to more than 100 Giraffes and the number is only raising, thankfully so. Zingela is dedicated towards protecting these beautiful and endangered species through their Giraffe Conservation Project.

A portion of what you pay us will be contributed towards the conservation of Giraffes.

The Giraffe Walk, is not just a wonderful experience but an initiative towards conservation.