Horse Trails

There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse

They say ‘horses lend us the wings we lack’, truly to experience the wildlife from on the back of a horse is peaceful at the same time stunning. Being on a horse helps us get much closer to wildlife yet very safe. Wildlife reacts differently to humans on foot vs humans on horseback, they do not feel threatened and so they are very relaxed, and continue with their life undisturbed.

The rides are designed for all ages, and we will be going at a very slow pace so as to give enough time to enjoy the experience of being in the bush. If you are new to horse riding, you can optionally book an hour of basic horse riding lessons, this would be sufficient enough to know what to do when you are on the horse during your ride.

Horse trails are set in the beautiful Zingela Nature Reserve, Zingela is home to one of the largest giraffe conservancies in the world. Very often while on horse trails we come across wildlife like giraffe, kudu, nyala, impala, duiker, ostrich, bushbuck, wildebeest, wild donkeys, zebras, baboons, etc. The horses have been here for a long time and they are well used to the presence of wildlife.

The horse trail will be an interpretive ride, stopping to admire the bush and to understand the bush better, there will be enough photo stops on the way and we will also capture the beautiful moments of you being on a horse in the wild … a perfect memorable picture for years to come.

Each horse trail and pony ride contributes towards the grassland
rehabilitation project with a percentage from each ride being dedicated to the project.

Contact us for more details.